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Zhejiang Lab Open Day: Lovely to Have you!
Date: 2021-08-16

The summer was swept away by the wind and rain. However, Zhejiang Lab Open Day is our promise that cannot be affected by weather.

For our two Open Day events, over a thousand master's and doctoral students from prestigious international universities and institutes registered and participated. Among them, more than 200 students, via online access and in person, took a tour of Zhejiang Lab. They interacted with senior alumni who are already working here, and shared in earnest discussion with their future Lab-mates.

"What's a typical day like in the Lab?"

"How would fundamental scientific research be translated into applied science?"

"After a project is completed, how do we ensure that the long-term direction of our research is sustainable?"

"Where does your greatest sense of fulfillment come from?”

"Why did you choose Zhejiang Lab for scientific research?"

In terms of Zhejiang Lab, students seemed to have endless questions. Lab-mates came to join the discussion and shared their own experience of working in the Lab. 

ZHANG Beibei, from the Research Center for Intelligent Robotics, said, "Humans had the ambition to reach the sky but couldn't realize it without transportation. Zhejiang Lab conducts scientific research with the national strategic needs as its core focal point. Only with such a focus can our research work go further and deeper."

XIAO Jianliang, from the Research Center for Humanoid Sensing and Perception, said, "the Zhejiang Lab's cross-team organization model of scientific research enables me to work with many colleagues in complementary disciplines to tackle problems for a common goal and makes interdisciplinary innovation possible."

"The Lab often invites experts from the industry and academic institutions and organizations to share and communicate. We also organize sharing activities on coding and research literature on a regular basis, which is very beneficial to the personal development and growth of researchers and especially recent graduates", YANG Fei, from the Research Center for Intelligent Computing Software.

WANG Yu, from the Research Center for Healthcare Data Science, is an integral member of the project "Generic Technology Research and Development and Application of In-Depth Multi-Center Clinical Data Utilization" which won the first prize of the Zhejiang Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2020. She shared that her scientific research was actually applied in the clinic to really serve the patients and that the significance of this research was also recognized by doctors. For WANG Yu, this was the happiest and most fulfilling moment. 

"I love Zhejiang Lab's respect for talent and the free and strong atmosphere that it provides for scientific research!"

"I hope to become one of them as soon as possible and make progress together!"

"I hope Zhejiang Lab will stay true to its original aspiration and continue to move forward for the national mission!"

"I hope Zhejiang Lab keeps forging ahead at the frontline of serving people!"

"I hope to have the opportunity to join Zhejiang Lab in the future!"

Students' message cards and interactions are full of heartfelt expectations for Zhejiang Lab and expressed their wishes to join the Lab someday.

"According to our statistics, nearly 80% of the students who participated in this Open Day expressed their desire to join the Lab. More than 80 of them have passed the interview. Their offers are already on the way", LIU Zhen, from the Department of Human Resources of the Lab, said that the Lab would soon launch the recruitment plan for Class 2022, and the Lab hoped that students would actively sign up for the program and join Zhejiang Lab as soon as possible, becoming Lab-mates and growing together with the Lab.