At Zhejiang Lab, we pursue a rigorous and open academic atmosphere that values facts and encourages cooperation. We also value the integration of scientific thoughts and humanistic feelings. By doing so, every member at the Lab is being profoundly influenced by a culture centering on the spirit of science and the concern for the prosperity of the nation.
1. What permits do foreigners need to obtain to work legally in China?

According to Article 41 of the Exit and  Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, foreigners  who work in China shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations. No entities or individuals shall employ foreigners who have no work permits or work-type residence permits.

2. How do foreigners who come to work in ZJ Lab obtain work permits and work-type residence perm...

(1) Foreigners should provide the application materials to ZJ Lab, and the lab staff will submit the fully prepared application materials to Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to apply for the work permit for foreigners coming to China.

(2) Foreigners shall, within 30 days upon entry to China, apply in person to the Entry and Exit Administration Bureau of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau for work-type residence permits.

3. What types of visa could foreigners apply to work in ZJ Lab?

Apply for a Work Visa (Z) or Talent Visa (R). The work visa is the most common type of visa applied for by foreigners coming to work in China. Applicants may apply for a talent visa if they meet the introduction conditions and requirements for high-level foreign talents and specialized talents urgently needed and in short supply as determined by the competent authorities of the Chinese government.

4. Shall foreigners need to pay social insurance?

According to the Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China, foreigners employed in China shall participate in social insurance (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance) according to the law. ZJ Lab and foreign employees themselves pay a certain proportion of social insurance every month. Foreign employees who participate in social insurance and meet the conditions shall enjoy social insurance benefits according to the law. For example, as long as foreign employees have contributed to the 15-year pension insurance and reached the legal retirement age in China, they can receive a monthly retirement pension, even if they live outside China.

5. How to deal with the social insurance of those foreigners, who leave China without reaching th...

There are two ways: one is to keep the personal account of social insurance and renew it in the accumulated way when foreigners come to work in China again. The second is to terminate the social security personal account. Before leaving China, foreigners could submit a written application to withdraw the remaining amount one-time from the personal account. 

6. What taxes do foreign employee of ZJ Lab have to pay?

Foreign employees shall pay personal income tax, which will be withheld and remitted by ZJ Lab. The personal income tax threshold is 5,000 yuan. If a foreign employee stays in China for 183 days or more in a tax year, he/she shall be taxed at the resident tax rate. If it does not exceed 183 days, it will be withheld at the non-resident rate. 

7. Is ZJ Lab easily accessible and travel?

It takes about 5 minutes by car to the nearest Nanhu Station of Line 16 (where shuttle buses to the Lab available), 30 minutes by car to Hangzhou West Railway Station, 80 minutes by car to Hangzhou East Railway Station, and 75 minutes by car to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. You can travel to all parts of Hangzhou by light rail or subway, or by taxi or bus.

8. What to eat in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou dishes have a long history and they are important parts of Zhejiang cuisine culture. Hangzhou cuisine is one of the three Zhejiang cuisines together with Ningbo cuisine and Shaoxing cuisine. Hangzhou is located in Jiangnan water town, whose climate is mild and wet so that its dishes prefer to fids and shrimp. People there pay attention to authentic taste of food itself and the mixture of northern and southern Chinese cuisine's taste.

Recommended Hangzhou Dishes

Braised Dongpo Pork / Dong Po Rou (东坡肉), Beggar's Chicken / Jiao Hua Ji (叫化童子鸡), Fish Head and Bean Curb Soup (鱼头豆腐), West Lake Water Shield Soup (西湖莼菜汤), West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy /Xi Hu Cu Yu (西湖醋鱼), Wang Taishou Babao Toufu (王太守八宝豆腐), Zhan Yuyuan (斩鱼圆), Sister Song's Fish Broth (宋嫂鱼羹), South Song Crab Stuffed Orang (南宋蟹酿橙), Braised Bamboo Shoots in Wine Sauce (糟烩鞭笋), Fried Shrimps with Long Jing Tea Leaves /Long Jing Xia Ren (龙井虾仁), Home-made Salted Pork with Spring Bamboo Shoots (南肉春笋), Stir-Fried Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin (干炸响铃), Pian Er Chuan (片儿川).

Recommended Hangzhou Snacks & Desserts

Ding Sheng Cake (定胜糕),Cat-ear Shaped Pasta (猫耳朵),Shallot Stuffed Pancake (葱爆桧儿),Wushan Hill Crispy Cake (吴山酥油饼), Hangzhou Small Steamed Bun (杭州小笼包).

Food from restaurants, fast food chains and even coffee shops can be delivered to your door by downloading a mobile delivery APP. If you want, you can also go to the restaurant and enjoy the food with the locals.

9. Can the Lab help solve the schooling problem, if my children come with me?

Zhejiang Lab Nanhu Headquarters has a child-care center, which provides full-time child-care services for staff's children aged from 18 months to preschool.

The Lab is close to Tianyuan College and RDFZ King's College School, both  covering kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior high school.

10. Is it convenient to medical services?

There are two general hospitals near the Lab, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (Yuhang Campus) and Yuhang Second People's Hospital, by car the former takes 25 minutes, while the latter takes 10 minutes.

Laboratory Story
Talents Support
An open academic environment in which we consider more than titles, degrees, papers, experiences, and groups; in which we only evaluate your performance based on abilities and outcomes; in which we encourage interdisciplinary studies and tolerate failures.
An integrated research ecosystem which links together governments, universities, research institutes, and companies; which boasts flexible project management policies and sufficient funding; which provides you with opportunities to engage in and lead national research projects; which offers real-world channels for you to transform your research outcomes.
An advanced environment with cutting-edge infrastructure, which includes a brand-new smart campus of more than 86 hectares under construction, offering complete research facilities and a comfortable living environment.
An Individualized salary and benefit package with strong livelihood support, in which we offer globally competitive salaries and a market-oriented reward mechanism for the transformation of research outcomes; in which we provide support such as rent-free apartments, convenient residential registration policies and healthcare services.

(1) Thorough Benefit Package

We provide a full-range benefit package for our employees, covering pension, health insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, and unemployment insurance. The Lab also provides housing funds at a very competitive rate to help our employees afford a home.

(2) Rent-Free Apartments and Meal Allowance

We provide a monthly meal allowance to all members at the Lab. In addition, for members relocated from other cities, we provide rental subsidies or comfortable apartments in a beautiful neighborhood, as well as a convenient residential registration policy to enhance their sense of belonging and help them focus on their research without being distracted.

(3) Team Outings and Health Care

a. Apart from paid annual leave, we organize team outings on a regular basis to help members relax and socialize with others. 
b. In addition, we arrange annual physical examinations, and maintain a free gym for all members, encouraging every member to be happy at work and live a healthy life.
Personal Development
We have established a powerful training system to provide our members with targeted and differentiated training programs that fully meet the self-development needs of young science professionals, such as the Orientation Program for newcomers, the Zhejiang Lab Symposium, which allows face-to-face communication with top scholars, the Zhejiang Lab Seminar, which encourages internal academic exchange, and internal socializing activities such as Coffee Time and Office Hour.
Training Programs
The Orientation Program is designed by Zhejiang Lab based on the growth and development needs of new members, aiming to help new members integrate into the Lab's culture, learn about the Lab, and improve their basic job skills. It is the small-class, full-time induction training delivered via main learning forms such as offline face-to-face training, practical training interaction, exchange and discussion, etc.
The Intensive Photonics and Optics Training Course at ITMO for the Zhejiang Lab Optics Research Team
The St. Petersburg State University of Information Technology Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) is one of Russia’s leading engineering schools. Founded in 1900, the university enjoys an extraordinary worldwide reputation in fields such as information science and technology, precision machinery, and optics. A large number of America's current optics professionals come from this university. From September 15 to 27, 2019, five members from our Research Center for Smart Sensing and other research units attended the Intensive Photonics and Optics Training Course at ITMO.
With the support of the Lab's Labor Union, members at the Lab have established associations including the Calligraphy and Painting Club, the Table Tennis Association, the Badminton Association, the Basketball Association, and the Outdoor Sports Association. They organize regular activities and competitions, showing the vitality and versatility of people at Zhejiang Lab.
Calligraphy and Painting Club
Badminton Association
Basketball Association
Table Tennis Association
Outdoor Sports Association