At Zhejiang Lab, we pursue a rigorous and open academic atmosphere that values facts and encourages cooperation. We also value the integration of scientific thoughts and humanistic feelings. By doing so, every member at the Lab is being profoundly influenced by a culture centering on the spirit of science and the concern for the prosperity of the nation.
Laboratory Story
Talents Support
An open academic environment in which we consider more than titles, degrees, papers, experiences, and groups; in which we only evaluate your performance based on abilities and outcomes; in which we encourage interdisciplinary studies and tolerate failures.
An integrated research ecosystem which links together governments, universities, research institutes, and companies; which boasts flexible project management policies and sufficient funding; which provides you with opportunities to engage in and lead national research projects; which offers real-world channels for you to transform your research outcomes.
An advanced environment with cutting-edge infrastructure, which includes a brand-new smart campus of more than 86 hectares under construction, offering complete research facilities and a comfortable living environment.
An Individualized salary and benefit package with strong livelihood support, in which we offer globally competitive salaries and a market-oriented reward mechanism for the transformation of research outcomes; in which we provide support such as rent-free apartments, convenient residential registration policies and healthcare services.

(1) Thorough Benefit Package

We provide a full-range benefit package for our employees, covering pension, health insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, and unemployment insurance. The Lab also provides housing funds at a very competitive rate to help our employees afford a home.

(2) Rent-Free Apartments and Meal Allowance

We provide a monthly meal allowance to all members at the Lab. In addition, for members relocated from other cities, we provide rental subsidies or comfortable apartments in a beautiful neighborhood, as well as a convenient residential registration policy to enhance their sense of belonging and help them focus on their research without being distracted.

(3) Team Outings and Health Care

a. Apart from paid annual leave, we organize team outings on a regular basis to help members relax and socialize with others. 
b. In addition, we arrange annual physical examinations, and maintain a free gym for all members, encouraging every member to be happy at work and live a healthy life.
Personal Development
We have established a powerful training system to provide our members with targeted and differentiated training programs that fully meet the self-development needs of young science professionals, such as the Setting Sail Orientation Program for newcomers, the Zhejiang Lab Symposium, which allows face-to-face communication with top scholars, the Zhejiang Lab Seminar, which encourages internal academic exchange, and internal socializing activities such as Coffee Time and Office Hour.
Training Programs
The Setting Sail Program, which means “starting the voyage of scientific exploration at Zhejiang Lab”, is the shorter name of our orientation program for new members. The program was launched in July 2018, having held seven sessions by the end of April 2020.
The Intensive Photonics and Optics Training Course at ITMO for the Zhejiang Lab Optics Research Team
The St. Petersburg State University of Information Technology Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) is one of Russia’s leading engineering schools. Founded in 1900, the university enjoys an extraordinary worldwide reputation in fields such as information science and technology, precision machinery, and optics. A large number of America’s current optics professionals come from this university. From September 15 to 27, 2019, five members from our Research Center for Smart Sensing and other research units attended the Intensive Photonics and Optics Training Course at ITMO.
With the support of the Lab’s Labor Union, members at the Lab have established associations including the Calligraphy and Painting Club, the Table Tennis Association, the Badminton Association, the Basketball Association, and the Outdoor Sports Association. They organize regular activities and competitions, showing the vitality and versatility of people at Zhejiang Lab.
Calligraphy and Painting Club
Badminton Association
Basketball Association
Table Tennis Association
Outdoor Sports Association