Founded in September 2017, Zhejiang Lab (hereinafter referred to as ZJ Lab) is an important S&T innovation platform initiated by the Zhejiang Province to implement the strategy of innovation-driven development. It also represents Zhejiang Province's attempt to explore a novel type of state-sponsored research institution. Focusing on intelligent computing, ZJ Lab aims at three strategic needs for frontiers of national strategy, scientific research paradigm revolution, and innovation of strategic industry to foster national strategic technology powers, becoming an innovation source that serves and supports Zhejiang's innovation-driven development and a world-leading S&T innovation base.

Zhejiang Lab is a research institution established jointly by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang University and Alibaba Group in September, 2017. Emphasizing basic research, breakthroughs in key core technologies and development of core systems, Zhejiang Lab explores the frontiers and the key technologies in intelligent sensing, intelligent network, intelligent computing and intelligent system, aspiring to create an ecosystem for the research and development of intelligent information science, develops and promotes innovations with a global vision.
Relying on technological innovation and institutional innovation as its two driving forces, Zhejiang Lab has taken brave, creative, and pioneering actions in aspects such as operation and administration, research planning and implementation, evaluation and appraisal, and talent recruitment and appointment, achieving a number of revolutionary and distinctive outcomes.
A Research Mechanism Targeting Core Technologies and Cutting-edge Outcomes
  • Diversified approaches to identifying potential projects

  • Collaborative implementation supported by large research groups

  • Systematic and standardized supportive services

  • Professional transference system for research outcomes

An Efficient and Flexible Talent Recruitment Mechanism
  • Build the world's best task-based teams with both long-term and short-term researcher

  • Explore diversified employment mechanisms offering both full-time and temporary position

  • Select chief scientists and principal investigators for research projects

  • Establish the Zhejiang Lab Fellow System for Talent Training

A Diversified Funding and Supporting Mechanism
  • Financial support from provincial, municipal, and district governments

  • Project funds provided by national research programs

  • Various support from Alibaba, Zhejiang University, and partner organizations

  • Basic research funded by social investment

  • More science-based appraisal mechanism

  • KPI appraisal mainly based on innovation outcomes and actual contributions

  • More decision-making power given to chief scientists and project leaders

  • Merit-based appointment considering more than years of experience and titles

  • Position-based salaries and contribution-based incentives

  • Project and personnel withdrawl mechanism based on assessment and evaluation

A Mechanism to Develop First-class Research Environment
  • Authorized budgets for projects

  • An unrestrained and error-tolerant system

  • Contribution-based incentive policies

  • All-staff-involved sharing of resources and benefits

  • A Research Mechanism Targeting Core Technologies and Cutting-edge Outcomes
  • An Efficient and Flexible Talent Recruitment Mechanism
  • A Diversified Funding and Supporting Mechanism
  • A Mechanism to Develop First-class Research Environment
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