Office of Global Engagement
Our Role

The Office of Global Engagement is a functional and administrative body responsible for drafting and formulating the plans and policies for foreign cooperation and exchange, and coordinating and managing related affairs.

Under the leadership of the Zhejiang Lab, the Office of Global Engagement is committed to serving the country's strategic needs in diplomacy, science and technology, and contributing to the Lab's development into a national strategic power of science and technology. The Office of Global Engagement carries out the country's foreign policies, especially those in scientific research, adheres to reform and innovation, and keeps active in conduct.

Staff Directory
Role Staff Member Telephone
Director XUE Fei +86 (0)571-56393389
Senior Officer ZHANG Fan +86 (0)571-56390507
Officer CHEN Ye +86 (0)571-58009395
    • Role: Director
    • Staff Member: XUE Fei
    • Telephone: +86 (0)571-56393389
    • Email: xf@zhejianglab.com
    • Role: Senior Officer
    • Staff Member: ZHANG Fan
    • Telephone: +86 (0)571-56390507
    • Email: zhangf@zhejianglab.com
    • Role: Officer
    • Staff Member: CHEN Ye
    • Telephone: +86 (0)571-58009395
    • Email: chenye@zhejianglab.com