Over the three years since its establishment, through a flexible and efficient talent recruitment mechanism offering full-time as well as dual and adjunct positions, Zhejiang Lab has attracted a large group of top-level innovative professionals from all over the world, to form a high-level and well-structured research team with solid expertise in different areas. We welcome talents to join us in our pursuit of scientific and technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Network Information.

By aiming at our scientific research directions, the lab recruits chief scientists, senior researchers, principals of all research centers, and doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, young scholars, engineers.

For any candidate who is interested, please send your resume and related materials to talents@zhejianglab.com via an email with the subject as "Full name-applied research center-research direction". For any appropriate candidate upon evaluation, we'll contact you to move on in the Hiring Process.

Please note that all the application materials are only used for recruitment purpose, will not be returned and will be kept strictly confidential.

It is worth noting that due to the pandemic outbreak, the whole recruitment process runs ONLY ONLINE.

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Postdoctoral Program

The Lab encourages outstanding doctoral graduates planning for postdoctoral research to apply for the Zhejiang Lab-CPSF Special Program for Postdoctoral Candidates.

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