The field of astronomy is undergoing a transformation due to the ever-increasing data volume of modern sky surveys and the fast-evolving computing technologies. Intelligent computing is becoming a necessity in properly extracting scientific value from astronomical surveys. In this context, the International Conference: Intelligent Computing in Astronomy (ICICA), initiated by the Zhejiang Laboratory and the Radio Astronomy Committee of the Chinese Astronomical Society, is being organized to take place in Hangzhou. It aims to bring together scientists from different disciplines to discuss computational astronomy challenges and share their recent findings and advancements.


Organizing Institute:  

Zhejiang Lab & Chinese Astronomical Society 


November 6 - 7, 2023


Hangzhou Xixi Landison Hotel (400 per night)


Zhejiang Lab Nanhu Headquarter, Kechuang Avenue, Hangzhou City, 311121, P.R. China


Lang Cui (崔朗), Cheng He (何成), Shuiming Hu (胡水明), Di Li (李菂, chair), Tie Liu (刘铁), Zhiqiang Shen (沈志强),  Jian Wang (王坚), Kaijun Yuan (袁开军), Bo Zhang (张波), Duncan Lorimer, Wynn Ho, Valentine Wakelam, Paola Caselli, Paul Ho, Serena Viti, Stefanie Walch-Gassner


Xinlong Zhao (赵新龙, chair), Donghui Quan (全冬晖, co-chair), Thomas Bisbas (co-chair), Zhiping Chen (陈志平, co-chair), Zhiwei Chen (陈志伟), Huaxi Chen (陈华曦), Yi Feng (冯毅), Xiaohang Zhang (张晓航), Xuejian Jiang (蒋雪健), Xunzhou Chen (陈训舟), Jiaying Xu (徐佳莹), Zhixuan Kang (康至煊), Longfei Chen (陈龙飞), Yun Zheng (郑沄)

The registration and payment procedure:

Faculty & Postdoc 1500 CNY        Student 500 CNY

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For foreigners:
The payment procedure will be notified soon.

The Science Partner Journal (SPJ) Intelligent Computing is now seeking submissions for a special issue primarily devoted to ICICA. Please see details at

Register (Deadline: October 15, 2023)


Featured Speakers

Matthew Bailes

Swinburne University of Technology

Valentine Wakelam

Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux

Song Huang

Tsinghua University

Chao Liu

National Astronomical Observatories

Yuan-Sen Ting

Australian National University


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