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ITU Announces the First International Standard for Privacy Computing, Which Is Mainly Developed by ZJ Lab
Date: 2021-08-09

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recently announced the first international standard in the area of privacy computing, known as the Technical Framework for Shared Machine Learning System.

This standard was jointly developed by Zhejiang Lab, Ant Group, and China Unicom. It can guide the design, development, testing, and use of shared machine learning systems, and enable machine learning based on data collaboration and data sharing among multiple parties while meeting the requirements of data security and privacy protection. Zhejiang Lab's Research Center for Healthcare Data Science and Research Center for Intelligent Standardization worked together on the development of the standard. This standard is the first international standard mainly developed and released by Zhejiang Lab.

A screenshot from the ITU official website

As an emerging technology that is gaining global attention, privacy computing includes various technologies such as secure multi-party computing, federated learning, and trusted execution environments. Privacy computing provides a solution to both data value sharing and privacy protection, as it can allow the secure sharing of data without exposing any original data. With the rapid development of the global digital economy, the key role of privacy computing emerges. The release of this standard also means that the exploration of new privacy computing technologies by China's technology and industry communities has been recognized by international authorities. This will create a favorable international environment for Zhejiang Lab to develop technologies and standards in the field of intelligent computing.

The ITU is a United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies. It was founded in 1865, and the headquarters is located in Geneva. Aiming to facilitate international connectivity in communications networks, the global membership of ITU includes 193 Member States as well as 900 companies, universities, and international and regional organizations. The permanent body of ITU, the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T), is a global authority for standardization.