Zhu Shiqiang
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Main publication

Center Introduction

The center is committed to overcoming technical obstacles for core technologies in the field of quantum sensing, such as ultrasensitive measurement of inertia, extremely weak magnetic fields, and extremely weak forces. The center also aims to develop large scientific facilities for relevant uses. It expects to attract the world's leading talent in quantum studies, cultivate innovative young scientists, gather a number of top-level quantum research teams from all over the world, and build a world-class quantum sensing research team, in order to achieve significant breakthroughs in fields such as quantum inertial navigation, gravity surveying and mapping, unmanned measurement and control equipment, and life sciences.

Research Areas

Quantum Sensing
Testing and Measurement Technology
Precision Instruments

Featured Projects

Ultrasensitive Measurement Facility for Extremely Weak Magnetic Fields

Ultrasensitive Inertial Measurement Facility

Measurement Facility for Acceleration and Extremely Weak Forces




By aiming at our scientific research directions, the lab recruits chief scientists, senior researchers, principals of all research centers, and doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, young scholars, engineers. 

We welcome talents to join us in our pursuit of scientific and technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Network Information.