Zhu Shiqiang
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Main publication

Center Introduction

Focusing on forefront topics in artificial intelligence and aiming at the innovative development of cognitive science and brain-inspired AI, the center carries out research in areas such as new machine learning, knowledge representation, human-like intelligent reasoning and decision making, emotion recognition, novel neural networks inspired by brain science and cognitive neuroscience, and information integration between different modalities. It expects to break the limits of current AI theories and methods, provide a theoretical foundation for the design of robust and interpretable intelligent algorithms, and promote the development and application of intelligent technologies.

Research Areas

Few-shot Machine Learning Theories
Generalization in Deep Learning
Attention Mechanisms in Dynamic Cognitive Computing
Cross-media Computing and Reasoning
Representation and Reasoning
Affective Computing

Featured Projects

Theories and Key Technologies of Multimodal Emotion Recognition



Emotion Recognition: Making Machines Understand Humans




By aiming at our scientific research directions, the lab recruits chief scientists, senior researchers, principals of all research centers, and doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, young scholars, engineers. 

We welcome talents to join us in our pursuit of scientific and technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Network Information.