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2022 World Internet Conference: Demonstrating to the World "Zhejiang Lab's Definition" on Intelligent Computing
Date: 2022-11-09

On November 9, the 2022 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit was held in the beautiful water town, Wuzhen, drawing global attention. Zhejiang Lab, with its latest scientific research results, arrived at "The Light of Internet Expo" as scheduled.

This year is the fifth year of the Lab attending the Expo. Different from the past, this time ZJ Lab mainly demonstrated its results on the entire set of intelligent computing, from theoretical series books to chip devices and hardware systems, and to the operating system and major application platforms, presenting to the world "Zhejiang Lab's Definition" on intelligent computing.

Among those, the intelligent compute cluster based on high-performance AI training chips ("ZJ Tianmu" heterogeneous intelligent computer) was nominated for the World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievement. As the key computational power in the intelligent computing system of ZJ Lab, "ZJ Tianmu", currently the world's first liquid-cooling intelligent computer with the scale of thousand chips based on open compute standards, is constructed using domestically produced high-performance AI training chips, with high heterogeneous computational power and is highly customizable and energy-efficient.

"This set of intelligent computers can provide reasoning and training services for AI applications, such as automatic driving, multi-media convergence and sign language generation", said LI Yong, research expert of ZJ Lab, "adopting the liquid cooling technology, it can greatly reduce energy consumption, compared with air cooling technology, and it also supports domestic and foreign mainstream AI frameworks for deep learning, such as ZJ Dubhe, TensorFlow and PyTorch." Currently, "ZJ Tianmu" has been connected with the Lab's intelligent computing data reactor as the core computational power to support scientific research of different areas.

Scheduling computational power in an efficient and intelligent manner is the basis for intelligent computing to be fully adopted by applications. At the Expo, the intelligent computing operating system, "ZJ Alkaid" attracted many visitors.

""ZJ Alkaid" intelligent computing operating  system provides a general and easy-to-use platform for computing. Supplied with super-large computational power clusters, it currently has 5 kinds of computational power clusters and intelligent scheduling algorithms, and integrates the intelligent computing engine, scientific computing engine and big data computing engine. Developers can rapidly develop their own algorithm application at a low cost on the platform", said QIU Peng, engineering expert of ZJ Lab.

Based on "ZJ Alkaid", the Lab currently has constructed the FAST@LAB intelligent computing astronomical platform, SATH intelligent computing pharmaceutical platform, CERESLAB intelligent computing breeding platform, "ZJ Kunwu" intelligent computing material platform and "ZJ Tianji" intelligent computational genes service platform, fully accelerating its progress in scientific research. In the future, "ZJ Alkaid" will support the computing of more areas and make computational power as available as water and electricity.

The RRAM-Based Computing-in-Memory Chip and the FeFET-based  Computing-in-Memory Array Chip are the key components of an intelligent computing system on display this time. The RRAM-Based Computing-in-Memory Chip breaks the bottlenecks concerning "storage" and "energy consumption" of traditional hardware system architecture and significantly improves the energy efficiency of computing by the collaborated design and optimization of "circuit - architecture - component - algorithm". Compared with the traditional CMOS accelerated chip under the same semiconductor technology node, it can be improved by approximately 2 orders of magnitude. The FeFET-based Computing-in-Memory Array Chip, aiming at solving communication delay and power consumption issues between the edge device and the cloud terminal, achieves super-high energy efficiency, super-fast operation speed and super-long lifespan, with relevant indicators reaching the national leading level.

At the Expo, the Lab also displayed its latest results including "ZJ Light" intelligent computer, "ZJ Zhihai" comprehensive knowledge database and "ZJLab Megrez" post-quantum cryptography platform.

"Make Intelligence Everywhere, Make Computational Power Available Anytime", it's the vision and goal of ZJ Lab. In the future, the Lab will continue focusing on the strategic direction of intelligent computing, constantly making technical breakthroughs, promoting the comprehensive application of the intelligent computing system results and making its contributions to the development of global digital technology.