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ZJ Lab and the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang Met on the Lawyer Mission
Date: 2022-07-08

On July 5, ZJ Lab and the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang held a working conference on the Lawyer Mission. XU Xiaobo, Party Committee member and Vice Director-general of the Department of Justice and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Lawyer Industry of Zhejiang, CHEN Wei, Assistant President of ZJ Lab, and ZHENG Jindu, President of the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang attended the conference. TANG Guohua, Vice President of the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang and head of the Lawyer Mission to ZJ Lab chaired the conference.

XU Xiaobo welcomed ZJ Lab to visit the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang, and talked with the guests about deepening cooperation and communication between the two sides. He pointed out that ZJ Lab is an important technological innovation platform for earnestly implementing the innovation-driven development plan of the provincial government, and it is a golden icon of Zhejiang's innovation-driven development. Playing their functions to support ZJ Lab with effective legal services is one of the important tasks of the judicial and administrative bodies at all levels as well as the lawyers in supporting the overarching objective.

He stressed that the Lawyer Mission should, in the light of the provincial development plan, keep pace with ZJ Lab's development, and upgrade its services for technological innovation.

First,  it should perfect its working mechanism. It should grasp the opportunity   brought by the formulation of the Service Regulation on the Lawyer Mission to ZJ Lab to establish a talent training mechanism and channels; set up a regular communication mechanism and build communication platforms covering multiple dimensions; create a service appraisal mechanism to effectively improve the Mission's service; shape an incentive mechanism to enhance the Mission's cohesion.  

Second,  it should better play its functions. All lawyers of the Mission should raise   their political awareness, prioritize the interests of the country, and wholeheartedly support ZJ Lab with effective legal services.

Third,  more support should be given to the Mission. The Lawyers Association of Zhejiang should give more support to the Mission, such as assigning more professionals to the Mission and facilitating its legal service practices.


CHEN   Wei extended appreciation to the Department of Justice and the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang for their great support. He pointed out that after   its inclusion into the national laboratory system, ZJ Lab has reported rapid   development and continuous new achievements in key technologies, as well as greater demands for legal services. He hoped both sides would strengthen   communication, and support each other for common development. ZJ Lab will continue to support the Mission's work.

ZHENG Jindu said that the Mission should strive to present concrete results from its legal services for ZJ Lab. He hoped the Mission would provide priority and quality services at preferential prices, and establish a long-term service mechanism to provide effective legal services.