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An Ideal Village - Fangzhong Zhihai
Date: 2022-06-23

There is a village named "Fangzhong Zhihai" near the Nanhu Lake in the core area of the Kechuang Corridor in the west of Hangzhou. A group of talents are coming in flocks to light up the era of surging technology.

Fang Zhong means the world, Zhihai means the sea of wisdom. On June 18, the "Fangzhong Zhihai" scientist village of ZJ Lab was officially put into use and the 922 apartments welcomed their hosts to move in, indicating the completion of the talent housing security system of ZJ Lab, which provides perfect supporting facilities for work and life.

A 15-minute walk is the distance from the scientist village to the laboratory. After sending your kid to the daycare, you have 15 minutes to adjust your mind. After dinner, when you have a good idea, you can take only 15 minutes to try it in the lab.

A 10-minute walk is the distance between you and the chief scientist. When you have any problem or confusion, you can take 10 minutes to the expert building, talk with the expert face to face and feel the harmonious atmosphere of learning from friends.

A 5-minute walk is the distance between you and your peers. Living next to a group of young people with the same ideal, you can take 5 minutes to talk about science, life, or dream, while enjoying a cup of coffee, camping, or a brain-burning board game.

Over the past four years, ZJ Lab has gradually formed a "strong magnetic field" of high-end innovative talents. At present, ZJ Lab has a total of 2,800 talents, of which, more than 90% of the research personnel have a doctor's degree, and more than 95% of the engineering personnel have a master's degree or above. Innovative talents from all over the world are pouring into this sea of wisdom.

LIN Yutang once described the ideal university in his mind, "It should be a community gathering various outstanding persons. I may meet a Newton here or a Freud there. A Russel lives in the east and a Laski lives in the west. HUI Dingyu lives in front while DAI Dongyuan lives behind." As a new research and development institution, ZJ Lab designed such an ideal place - the "Fangzhong Zhihai" scientist village. Talents gather together to cultivate the fertile soil of science and technology, and explore the future of the universe by stirring the sea of wisdom.

From now on, ZJ Lab provides you with a happy life and decent work.