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WANG Changrong Surveys ZJ Lab for Deepening Cooperation between Political Organs and Research Institutions and Boosting New Breakthroughs in Digital Political and Law Works
Date: 2022-04-13

On   the morning of April 12, WANG Changrong, member of the Standing Committee and   Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party   Committee, led a survey team to ZJ Lab and had a symposium with the Lab’s   experts on deepening the development of intelligent political and law works.   Wang stressed the necessity to earnestly implement President XI Jinping’s   important guidance on China’s development of digitalization and further   improve the cooperation model between political organs and research   institutions in compliance with the Provincial Party Committee’s strategy on   deepening digital reform, so as to boost new breakthroughs in the digital   reform of political and law works and provide support with intelligent   technology in Zhejiang Province. Members of the provincial task force on the digital   rule-of-law system WEI Zhongqiang, WANG Zhongyi, YE Xin, ZHU Xinli, HU   Donglin, WANG Jian and XU Xiaobo attended the survey. ZHU Shiqiang, ZHAO   Xinlong, XIA Chunsheng and CHEN Wei from ZJ Lab attended the symposium.


The   surveyors visited the research center for intelligent robotics, the research   center for healthcare big data and the computing and data center in ZJ Lab’s   Nanhu Headquarters, where they were briefed on the Lab’s research programs,   development and operation. WANG Changrong said that as a major platform and a   major force of the Province in supporting the development of a   technologically strong China, ZJ Lab is backed up by the Provincial   Government, and should aim to build a world-class research institution.   Grasping opportunities and taking the initiative, it has created a   distinctively effective way of system and mechanism innovation, and made a series   of breakthroughs in scientific research after four years of hard work. In   particular, the Lab has demonstrated its strong patriotism and the inspiring   spirit of contribution.

He   spoke highly of the Lab’s research achievements in intelligent   technology-backed digital reform and on the “e-brain for rule-of-law”, saying   that the Lab has provided great intelligent support for the Province's   digital reform. He commended the center for intelligent social governance for   its active involvement in the digital rule-of-law system and its important   role in perfecting the top-level design and fostering the development of   significant applications in this regard.

WANG   Changrong also gave guidance on the profound development of intelligent   political and law works. He pointed out that the enhancement of the   cooperation between political organs and research institutions is the   objective requirement of comprehensively deepening digital reform. The Lab   should, in compliance with the Provincial Government’s planning, further   consolidate its current outcomes, explore and perfect new cooperation modes,   and make good use of its systems, mechanisms and resources to help speed up   the Province’s intelligent political and law works.

It   should further clarify the definition and content of intelligent politics and   law, correctly comprehend the natural process of digital reform, focus on   upgrading the quality, efficiency and driving forces to this end, highlight   such keywords as “substitution”, “interdisciplinary” and “reshape”, and   ensure a precise understanding of intelligent politics and law.

It   should further align the key factors of intelligent politics and law. Efforts   shall be made regarding the whole lifespan of data gathering, conclusion,   integration, sharing, opening and application, and focus shall be put on   dynamic perception, data integration and algorithmic models, so as to build   an integral intelligent politics and law data platform, achieve business and   data synergy, and provide strong data support for deepening the digital   reform and promoting the high-quality development of political and law works. 

It   should further improve the approach to promoting intelligent politics and   law, underline both administrative promotion and technological support, and establish   dedicated task forces and perfect mechanisms to align administrative organs’   business demands with research institutions’ technical supports, so as to   create a synergic guarantee for intelligent political and law works.

In   the afternoon, ZJ Lab held a workshop on planning the research works on the “e-brain   for rule-of-law”. ZHU Shiqiang said WANG Changrong has assigned a mission of   politics-research cooperation on “e-brain for rule-of-law”. The Lab   appreciates his trust and takes the mission as an important approach to   supporting the Province’s digital reform. We should grasp all opportunities   and exert all resources. We will organize dedicated forces to draft a work   plan and build platforms, and build a joint research center to help speed up   the development of “e-brain for rule-of-law”. We should use applications to   smooth systems, work out a batch of application scenarios, functional needs   and tool development lists, make continuous outcomes, and form a development   tendency of rapid iteration. Heads of competent functional departments and   experts of the centers for intelligent social governance, big data   intelligence and intelligent computing platform attended the workshop and   gave technical opinions on the “e-brain for rule-of-law”.