Zhejiang Lab

Intelligent Computing

Focusing on the frontiers of artificial intelligence, we aim to surpass the limits of basic theories, innovate computing models, increase computing space, and improve computing efficiency through the following efforts:
  • Studying the theories and methods in areas such as cognitive computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, knowledge intelligence; and overcoming problems in key technologies such as data mining and forecasting, visual analysis and comprehension, cross-media synthesis reasoning, and brain-like intelligent computing.
  • Developing software and hardware systems for devices such as big data intelligent computers, brain-like chips and computers; and building super intelligent computing systems with heterogeneous hybrid architecture.
  • Developing open source platforms for artificial intelligence to realize the openness of computing power, data and models; and building generalized open AI platforms in vertical fields such as security and health care.
  • Developing edge cloud IoT operating systems and building supporting software platforms based on digital twin technologies.