Zhejiang Lab

Intelligent Networks

Our research aims to expand the dimension and scope of current networks, improve the quality and efficiency of network transmission, and enhance the security and reliability of ubiquitous networks through the following efforts:
  • Studying the theories and methods in areas such as space-borne networks, B 5G/6G, high-speed optical switching, control systems, and IoT security; making breakthroughs in key technologies such as space-borne network security systems, multi-protocol satellite onboard switching, intelligent spectrum dynamic sharing, hyper and adaptive cellular coverage, silicon photonics high-speed switching chips, endogenous security in industrial control systems, and industrial latency-sensitive networks; and developing relevant prototype systems and platforms.
  • Achieving 64*100 Gbps optical switching and establish a central experiment system with 1000 servers for all-optical switching data.
  • Building an experiment system based on space-borne networks and sky-land collaboration; realizing a double-satellite connection between medium-earth-orbit wideband satellites; establishing new communication networks and security systems; and reaching an inter-satellite optic link of N*10 Gbps.