Zhejiang Lab

Intelligent Perception

Aiming at high-performance accurate perception, our research expands the range and precision of perception. We develop intelligent approaches to process multi-dimensional and multi-modal perception data to enable real-time responses to changes in environments and objects through the following efforts:
  • Breaking the limits of basic quantum sensing theories and overcoming problems in core technologies such as atomic gyroscopes and inertial navigation, magnetoencephalography and electrocardiography, optoelectronics and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), quantum devices, and biosensing.
  • Building large and precise quantum measurement devices, which can reach a sensitivity of 0.08 fT/Hz1/2 for measuring extremely weak magnetic fields and a sensitivity of 7×10-80 /s/Hz1/2 for inertia surveying, both being world-leading levels of precision. 
  • Building a group of laboratories for super intelligent perception to develop key technologies and devices of biomimetic perception through studies in areas such as optics (spectral, polarization, and topographic), mechanics (micro-deformation and micro-vibration), acoustics (noise, ultrasound, and infrasound), chemistry (contaminants), and biology (signature microbes and biotoxins); achieving breakthroughs in advanced perception technologies such as ultrafast optical fiber sensing; and establishing a sensor network (ubiquitous sensing) platform.