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Currently the lab has preliminarily formed a talent team of specialized field, high-end level and well-organized echelon including: the team of academic advisory committee, consultants and  chief scientists composed of academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign academicians and winners of Turing Award etc., the team of  research center principals and program leaders composed of the Changjiang Scholars, outstanding young experts and professors from colleges and universities, and the basic scientific research team dominated by doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, young scholars and engineers.
By aiming at the following scientific research directions, the lab recruits chief scientists, senior researchers, principals of all research centers, and doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, young scholars, engineers.
For any candidate who is interested, please send your resume and related materials to talents@zhejianglab.com via an email with the subject as "Full name-applied research center-research direction". For any appropriate candidate upon evaluation, we'll contact you to move on in the hiring process.
Research Institute Research Center Scientific Research Direction
Artificial Intelligence
Research Institute
Research Center for Current Artificial Intelligence Theory Current theory issues in artificial intelligence, new machine learning models, cognitive computing, knowledge representation and machine inference, etc.
Research Center for Next- Generation Artificial
Intelligence Systems
Brain-like computing chips and systems, application-sensitive, intelligent computing systems with high performance and performance-consumption ratios and their supporting software, etc.
Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Platforms Next-generation artificial intelligence theories and algorithms, research and development of platform
Research Center for Intelligence Integration Terminal-edge-cloud distributed operating systems, seamless integration of information, physics and society, as well as on-the-spot services, intelligent IoT supporting platform, brain-computer interfaces, digital twins and augmented reality, etc.
Future Network
Research Institute
Research Center for Aerospace Networks New information telecommunications technology of sky-land connection and collaboration, space-borne backbone network and a sky-land collaborative testing platform
Research Center for Intelligent Networks B5G/6G, IoT, the internet of vehicles, mobile internet, and high performance data center networks, intelligent spectrum sensing, hyper-cellular coverage and control, software-defined service chains, mobile edge computing, and high-speed optical switching control, etc.
Research Center for Cyber Security Big data security, artificial intelligence security, IoT security, and intelligent security situation analysis, etc.
Research Center for Industrial Internet Secure ubiquitous access to devices, deterministic network connections, endogenous security mimic defense, and intelligent attack and defense drills, advanced industrial Internet test site, etc.
Intelligent Perception
Research Institute
Research Center for Quantum Sensing Quantum sensing and precision measurement, quantum inertial navigation, cardiac and cerebral magnetic measurements, gravity field mapping, and unmanned equipment measurement and control, etc.
Research Center for Smart Sensing Ultra-sensitive sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste sensing, advanced sensing mechanisms, methods, processes, detection and integration.
Research Center for Intelligent Chips Optical switching, optical transmission, optical computing, artificial intelligence, flexible sensing, and core chips, such as biochips, etc.
The Interdisciplinary
Research Center
Intelligent Robot Research Center New organizations/materials/drivers and bionics, high-performance motion control, environmental awareness, positioning and navigation, self-awareness and decision-making, and natural human-machine interaction and collaboration.