Zhejiang Lab

  • 09/06/2017

    Zhejiang Lab was officially founded in the China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligent Town. It is co-funded by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang University, and Alibaba Group, with research interests in network information and artificial intelligence.

  • 09/06/2017

    Zhejiang Lab established its first supervisory board and held the first session of the board. Yuan Jiajun, Governor of Zhejiang Province, served as the Chairman of the Board.

  • 01/12/2018

    Zhejiang Lab held the first session of Zhejiang Symposium. Professor Jia Yan from the National University of Defense Technology shared his research experience in big data analytics for cybersecurity.

  • 01/29/2018

    Zhejiang Lab organized a meeting to discuss and plan the first group of major research projects and platforms.

  • 03/18/2018

    Zhejiang Lab launched its 2018 Global Talent Recruitment Program in Hong Kong.

  • 03/27/2018

    Zhejiang Lab signed a framework agreement of cooperation in Hangzhou with the China Future Internet Engineering Center (CFIEC) to co-found the lab’s Research Center of Future Internet. Based on the agreement, the center would focus its research on areas such as next generation internet identification and labeling systems, architectures and protocols, hardware and chips, security technologies, global monitoring, industrial applications, and policy ideas for cyberspace governance.

  • 03/31/2018

    Zhejiang Lab held an inauguration ceremony and the first meeting in Hangzhou for the First Academic Advisory Committee. Lu Yongxiang, member of CAS (The Chinese Academy of Sciences) and CAE (The Chinese Academy of Engineering) chaired the meeting and delivered a speech.