Zhejiang Lab

Zhang Ruyun: the Power of Group Wisdom

On the occasion of the fourth Science Professionals’ Day (May 30) in China, Zhejiang Daily interviewed Zhang Ruyun, a researcher at Zhejiang Lab, and published an article in its Frontier Section. Read on to feel the down-to-earth pursuit of truth at Zhejiang Lab and learn about vigorous tech innovation in the digital economy.

When talking about his understanding of the spirit of science, Doctor Zhang said, “The foremost spirit of science is to seek truth from facts. During the journey of seeking truth, we must first get the facts. Facing the worldwide prevalent trend of tech innovation, we need to identify our positions and directions.” He believes that science professionals should concentrate their efforts on national strategic needs and carry out research that can facilitate economic and social development.

Doctor Zhang currently works as a Deputy Director at the Zhejiang Lab Research Center for Industrial Internet. With years of research and development experience in the fields of communication networks and communication security, he has won a First-Class Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards and three Second-Class Prizes of provincial or ministerial-level Science and Technology Progress Awards. Since he joined Zhejiang Lab at the end of 2018, he and his research team have been authorized to undertake a number of national key projects funded by agencies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

“A single fiber cannot make a thread. The research style of solely relying on individual efforts no longer meets the requirements of Integrated Science. It is also harmful to researchers’ self-development,” said Doctor Zhang. After identifying research areas, research institutions should try their best to gather “the best brains” in related fields to form large research groups and overcome technical obstacles through collaborative efforts. He firmly believes in the power of group strength and wisdom.

“As we do not have to run around for research funds and worry about tedious chores, we thus have the confidence to focus on our research without being distracted,” said Doctor Zhang. He also said that, to achieve tech innovation, we not only need to be down-to-earth and bring innovative cutting-edge theories to the real world through application-oriented projects, but also need to look at unsolved mysteries and discover areas that have not been explored before.