Zhejiang Lab

CAS Academician Zhu Weiqiu Joins Zhejiang Lab as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Postdoctoral Researchers

On April 21, CAS (the Chinese Academy of Sciences) Academician Zhu Weiqiu was appointed as Chairman of Zhejiang Lab’s Advisory Committee for Postdoctoral Researchers. Lab President Zhu Shiqiang presented him with an appointment letter and a laboratory badge.

As an internationally renowned scientist in the field of nonlinear stochastic dynamics and control, Academician Zhu has engaged in related research activities and talent training programs for many years. He said that he was honored to be appointed as Chairman of Zhejiang Lab’s Advisory Committee for Postdoctoral Researchers to contribute to the development of the Lab’s talent team. He believes that, with active innovative thinking and emerging research abilities, postdoctoral researchers are a significant research force for the Lab. As for young researchers themselves, postdoctoral experience is an important start to their research careers. During this period, they should identify their research areas, develop an innovative mindset, cultivate the ability to carry out independent research, and continuously achieve new research outcomes. Academician Zhu hopes that the Lab’s postdoctoral researchers will keep close communication with him. Working with other postdoctoral mentors at the Lab, he will share his research experience with postdoctoral researchers and guide them to identify research areas, helping them to grow rapidly and make achievements soon.

President Zhu Shiqiang requested that all units at the Lab should take prompt action to form a supporting system for the work of Academician Zhu and the Advisory Committee, facilitating the Lab in building its postdoctoral team and forming its research strength.