Zhejiang Lab

The New Campus of Zhejiang Lab Is 45% Complete and Will Be Put into Service by the End of 2020

Zhejiang Lab is a significant tech innovation platform for Zhejiang Province to profoundly implement its innovation-based development strategy. The first phase of its new campus, scheduled to be put into service by the end of 2020, covers an area of 43 hectares and an internal floor area of about 614,000 square meters.

The new campus is composed of 13 separate buildings. So far, the construction team has already completed the frame structures of five buildings and about 85% of all buildings’ main structures. The entire project is now 45% complete.

A number of scientific facilities and platforms will be built on the campus, including the AI Research Institute, the Future Network Research Institute, the Intelligent Perception Research Institute, and several interdisciplinary research centers. In addition, the campus will be equipped with residential communities as well as relevant living and cultural facilities to support researchers’ lives on campus.