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Go Online, Get Ready, and Join Zhejiang Lab!

The annual spring hiring season of Zhejiang Lab has just begun, and we have over 300 new vacancies for you to choose from. It is worth noting that due to the epidemic outbreak, the whole recruitment process runs ONLY ONLINE.

Looking for a job to start the new year fresh? We are here for you to make it happen.

1.Campus Recruitment

Everything goes online–from job posting & promoting, job application, Q&A, job interviews, to job offers.

For more information, please refer to the WeChat official account of Zhejiang Lab.

Last vacancy update online: Feb. 8th.

To make application, please send your CV to zhaopin@zhejianglab.com or talents@zhejianglab.com.

Who We Look for

Candidates majoring in at least one of the following:

Computer science, software engineering, communication engineering, control theory and control engineering, automation, mathematics, physics, image processing, pattern recognition, mechatronics, bioengineering, electronic engineering, optics, micro-optoelectronics, optical engineering, liquid crystal materials and devices, optical imaging, holography, microfabrication, finance, economics, applied mathematics, statistics, etc. 

2.Social Recruitment

All candidates will be interviewed remotely. To make it well prepared, our HR staff will give you a one-to-one tutoring in advance.

Who We Look for

Candidates fit one of the following positions:

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms, computer vision algorithms, image processing algorithms, location algorithms, navigation algorithms, signal processing, sensing technologies, medical imaging technologies, optics, optical engineering, liquid crystal materials and devices, optical imaging, holography, microfabrication, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, B5G/6G technologies, security technologies, cloud computing, edge computing, affective/cognitive computing, financial technologies, front- and back-end software design and development (C/C++/Java/Pon/Go) for brain-like computing, embedded development, industrial Internet, UI design, culture building, brand promotion, strategy research, standardization research, human resources management, finance, general administration, etc.

To find out more about current vacancies, please visit our website: http://en.zhejianglab.com/. 

3.We Are Hiring Especially

Chief scientists, principal investigators, and directors for all our Research Centers, which are shown as follows:

Research Center

Research Direction

Research Center for AI Frontier Theories


Frontier theories of artificial intelligence; new machine learning; cognitive computing; knowledge representation; machine reasoning, etc.

Research Center for New Intelligent Computing System

Brain-like computing chips and systems; intelligent computing systems and their basic supporting software, etc.

Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and Platform

Intelligent computing of speech, natural language and vision; big data intelligent analysis and mining;  cross-media analysis and reasoning; knowledge map construction; artificial intelligence open source platform, etc.

Research Center for Integrated Intelligence

End-to-end cloud distributed computing and operating system; analysis, correlation and prediction of multivariate heterogeneous information; intelligent IoT basic support platform; key technologies and systems of brain-computer integration, digital twins and augmented reality.

Research Center for Aerospace Network

New information communication technologies of space-based interconnection and space-ground coordination; space-based backbone network and space-ground collaborative test platform.

Research Center for Intelligent Network

B5G/6G technologies; Internet of Things; Internet of Vehicles; mobile edge computing; efficient data center network; intelligent spectrum sensing; ultra cellular coverage and control; software-defined service function chain; high-speed optical switching control, etc.

Research Center for Information Security

Big data security; artificial intelligence security; IoT security; intelligent security situation analysis.

Research Center for Industrial Internet

Ubiquitous security access to equipment; deterministic network connection; mimic defense of endogenous security; management and control of intelligent attack and defense exercises; large-scale experimental device for information security of new generation industrial control system.

Research Center for Quantum Sensing

Theories and key technologies of quantum sensing and precision measurement; quantum inertial navigation; cardio-cerebral magnetic measurement; gravity field measurement; unmanned equipment measurement and control, etc.

Research Center for Smart Sensing

Ultra-sensitive perception of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste; optics; optical engineering; liquid crystal materials and devices; optical imaging; holography; microfabrication; multi-sensor fusion; ubiquitous sensor networks; mechanism, method, process of advanced sensing; precision measurement technology; sensing system on-chip.

Research Center for Intelligent Chip

Optical switching; optical transmission; optical computing; barrier-free sensing; smart sensing; flexible sensing; biochips, etc.

Research Center for Intelligent Robot

New mechanisms, materials, actuation and bionics; high-performance motion control; environmental perception, positioning and navigation; autonomous cognition and decision-making; natural human-computer interaction and collaboration integration.

Fintech Research Center

Using artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and other innovative technologies to conduct interdisciplinary research of information science and finance, the center aims to improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the financial industry.

Research Center for Connected Healthcare Data

Collaborative analysis technology for multi-center biomedical big data utilization; method and system for intelligent analysis of medical images; intelligent clinical information system and key technologies of smart hospitals; data-driven drug R&D and post-marketing surveillance; intelligent prevention and control technology of population health.

Who We Look for

  • Professors from world-renowned universities, senior technical experts from top enterprises worldwide, or globally recognized experts.
  • Experienced team leaders, who can lead a high-level team to conduct cutting-edge innovative research and make breakthroughs in key technologies.
  • Front-line researchers active within the last 5 years.

Why Zhejiang Lab?

Zhejiang Lab enjoys an open academic atmosphere, integrated research ecology, advanced infrastructure, and nice working conditions. Thanks to flexible policy support, we proudly provide favorable salaries and other benefits, including rental-free hotel-style accommodation, and property-type apartments. What’s more, staff members qualified for certain provincial, municipal, and district-level top-talent programs will be rewarded with extra allowance–project funding, incentive bonus, research and living maintenance, etc.

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and supporting documents to: talents@zhejianglab.com. The subject line of your email: your full name-Research Center-Research Direction.

The HR office will contact you to move on to the next step if you are recognized as qualified. Please note that all materials received are only for recruitment purpose–will not be returned and will be kept strictly confidential.

For more information, please visit: www.en.zhejianglab.comwww.linkedin.com/company/zhejianglab/.

For more inquiries, please contact the Office of Global Engagement at both xf@zhejianglab.com and liuxuwen@zhejianglab.com.