Zhejiang Lab

Zhejiang Lab Holds Its 2020 Internal Conference

On the afternoon of January 18, Zhejiang Lab held an internal conference to review its progress in 2019 and announce its goals for 2020. Director Zhu Shiqiang issued a work report entitled “Building a World-class Research Center with Our Original Aspirations and Zealous Endeavors”. The conference was hosted by Deputy Director Yuan Jixin.

Director Zhu reviewed the achievements the Lab made in 2019. With the idea to explore a novel state-sponsored system and with the support from different sectors, the Lab has formed a basic structure for its research and management system, which ensured the smooth progress of the Lab’s nine groups of research projects. The Lab’s research ability has also been enhanced. In 2019, the Lab was qualified to apply for national projects for the first time, authorized to undertake 22 national projects with grants totaling 300 million CNY, funded by national agencies such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Cyberspace Administration. Meanwhile, the Lab achieved breakthroughs in the construction of facilities and platforms. It started the construction of the Quantum Metrology Facility and the Information Security Testing Facility for Industrial Control Systems. It launched the Artificial Intelligence Open Source Platform and the Multi-center Intelligent Medical Information Platform. The talent team at the Lab has expanded quickly with a continually optimized structure. The team is now composed of 1,100 members, of whom more than 30 have been included in different high-level talent support programs. The construction of the Lab’s new campus has progressed rapidly, and the overall structure of the first phase is expected to be completed by April 2020. In addition, the Lab has cultivated a culture that emphasizes the spirit of science and concern for the prosperity of one’s nation. The influence of the Lab has been enhanced in all aspects.

In 2020, the Lab will focus on the overall goal of building a national strategic technology force, and gather efforts for two major tasks: technological innovation and institutional innovation. As a large research platform supported by large teams and driven by large projects, the Lab will leverage its advantages to implement the tactic of creating cutting-edge research outcomes based on top-level research abilities, laying a solid foundation for the goals of becoming a world-class research center for intelligent perception, an innovation center for artificial intelligence, a security technology R&D center for the Industrial Internet, and a high-level research hub for big data analytics. Given the conditions in China and abroad, Zhu pointed out that the Lab should reinforce its efforts to meet national strategic needs, recruit high-level research teams, enhance research abilities, motivate research passion, support industrial innovation, create innovation networks, improve management capabilities, cultivate the Lab’s brand culture, and strengthen working conditions. All departments and research centers should optimize their strategies and implement their plans according to the requirements of the 25 key missions, in order to reach the Lab’s goal of becoming a national laboratory.

Pan Yunhe, CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering) Member and the Lab’s Chief Scientist in Artificial Intelligence, offered his advice on the development of the Lab from the perspective of strategic science. He said that the Lab needs strategies that can fully leverage both its advantages and the strengths of Zhejiang, making up for its shortcomings while enhancing its advantages. It also needs strategies that aim not only at world-leading research outcomes, but also at areas not explored by others. In addition, it needs strategies that take the Lab into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, so that the Lab can leverage the strengths of Zhejiang and further open up for cooperation. “With a more flexible attitude and a broader mind, we will reach the peak of science at a quicker pace, and contribute to the cause of taking China’s science and technology to world-leading levels,” said Pan.

The journey of the Lab is a reflection of the endeavors of people at the Lab. At the conference, Zhao Xinlong, Deputy Secretary of the Lab’s CPC Committee, announced winners of the 2019 Zhejiang Lab Technology Awards and the 2019 Contribution Awards. Director Zhu awarded honorary certificates and trophies to the winning teams and individuals.

At the conference, Director Zhu gave badges to representatives of new employees recruited through the fourth and fifth talent recruitment plans. All attendees witnessed this important moment of more than 160 new employees wearing the badges of the Lab.

The conference also included a new year ceremony which began with the chorus “My Motherland and I”, performed by members of the Research Center for Industrial Internet.

Members from different departments and research centers presented a wonderful show that they themselves created, directed, and performed.

As another year begins, the spring sends its breeze again. Waving goodbye to 2019, a year with hardships and achievements, Zhejiang Lab is entering a new year, and starting a chapter of new glories. Facing new responsibilities and missions, all members at the Lab will move forward and cherish the good times with zealous endeavors, starting a new journey toward the goal of becoming a national laboratory!