Zhejiang Lab

2020 New Year’s Greetings from Zhejiang Lab: Go Far with a Steady Pace, and Reach the Top Step by Step

Time never breaks its promise, and the year of 2020 will arrive as expected. On the occasion of waving goodbye to 2019 and welcoming a new year, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and cordial gratitude. I want to thank all colleagues at Zhejiang Lab for their endeavors in 2019. My gratitude also goes to officials in government agencies of all levels and friends in various industries, as they have been very supportive to the development of our lab. I wish all of you a happy New Year!

Looking back on 2019, I see all colleagues at Zhejiang Lab have moved forward through hardships, leaving steady footprints behind. Focusing on China’s national strategies, we carried out groups of major research projects, and announced a series of significant achievements. Aiming at world-leading research, we invited a group of high-level professionals to join us. Committed to opening up and cooperation, we established close relations with a number of leading institutions. With an emphasis on hardware environment, we have been improving our research environment. Our new campus is now under construction and the main building is due for completion at the end of the year. It is also worth mentioning that in the application for National Science and Technology Major Projects, all of our proposed projects have been approved. This is a rare and valuable achievement, because we have only been qualified for the application since the start of the year. Such an achievement shows that the research interests of our lab are highly correlated with national strategies. It is not easy to achieve these outcomes, particularly for an institution which has only been established for two years. I am deeply proud of your efforts.

2019 was an unforgettable year for us. As innovative pioneers, we overcame problems and pushed through bottlenecks. Over the past year, we have continued to promote institutional innovation. We improved our system for proposal approval and project management, pushing the limits caused by traditional systems. We offered dual positions to researchers and professors from other institutions, forming our own recruitment style. We also made revolutionary changes in aspects such as professional qualification appraisal, postdoctoral researcher training, research fund management, and talent evolution. These changes have begun to show their vitality in promoting the lab’s innovations at other levels. We firmly believe in the power of reforms, and expect to obtain stronger and more sustainable impetus from institutional innovation. Moreover, we hope that all members at the lab will agree upon the significance of institutional reforms, and make joint efforts to achieve our goals.

2019 was also a year full of warm memories worth gratitude. To start the construction of our new campus as scheduled, the Hangzhou Municipal Government and the Yuhang Government managed to overcome various kinds of difficulties for us. The day before the 2019 Plenary Session of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Governor Yuan led a team of officials to visit our lab. He spoke highly of our achievements, encouraged us, and pointed out the direction we should go. We also need to thank many provincial and municipal government agencies, such as the CPC Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the CPC Provincial Organization Department, the CPC Provincial Cyberspace Administration, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the Hangzhou Municipal Government, the Yuhang Government, and the Management Committee of the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City. They provided warm and needed services to us, helping us solve our pain points and difficulties. Their support has motivated us to go forward.

In the forthcoming 2020, we have high expectations for wonderful experiences. It might be the happiness we feel when we move into the new campus and have a place truly belonging to us. It might be the confidence we have when worldwide top scholars or experts visit our lab. It might be the pride we have when national-level platforms and projects are implemented at our lab. It might be the sense of achievement when we come up with continuous research outcomes. It might be the comfort we feel when we make contributions to the nation and society. We need to work together to make these scenarios come true.

As science professionals in China, we need to cultivate the spirit of science and care about the prosperity of the nation. One can only go far with a steady pace, and reach the top step by step. Every member at Zhejiang Lab is a participant and witness to a great cause. One day, we will wear pride and joy on our faces.

I wish you good health, success, happiness, and a happy New Year!


Zhu Shiqiang

Director of Zhejiang Lab

Secretary of the CPC Committee at Zhejiang Lab