Zhejiang Lab

Yan Guofeng Wins the 2019 Swan Award

On the evening of December 29, the winners of the 2019 Swan Award, which aims to award young talents for their contributions to Zhejiang’s digital economy, was officially announced. Ten science professionals and entrepreneurs, including associate researcher Yan Guofeng from Zhejiang Lab’s Research Center for Super Perception, won the award. In addition, Zhejiang Lab was awarded the title of the Best Organization.

In the presentation speech, Yan was described as “a young star with the most powerful brain at Zhejiang Lab”. At the age of 33, he has already achieved remarkable research outcomes, including 22 SCI papers, 20 conference papers, five invention patents, and three utility model patents. After joining Zhejiang Lab at the end of 2017, he participated in the overall planning of the Research Center for Super Perception, and has been exploring innovative solutions to problems that impede the development of intelligent perception.

“It is a great honor for me to win the Swan Award. This award not only belongs to me, but also to Zhejiang Lab. I want to thank the lab for creating a carefree environment that allows researchers to explore their research interests. I will make persistent effort to contribute to the development of the lab, as well as to the development of Zhejiang’s digital economy,” says Yan.

The selection for the Swan Award was co-organized by the Zhejiang Daily Press Group and the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League. The activity aims to look for and cultivate young talents with innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, so as to boost the implementation of Zhejiang’s No.1 Digital Economy Project and support Zhejiang and even the whole nation’s digital economy.