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Zhejiang Lab 2019 Q3 Open Program Application Now Open

To relevant universities and research institutions:

Zhejiang Lab is an innovative research and development institution founded by the Zhejiang government, Zhejiang University, and the Alibaba group. With a focus on research areas such as intelligent perception, intelligent network, intelligent computing, and intelligent systems, Zhejiang Lab is constructing an intelligent information science and technology system dedicated to future human-machine-physical interaction.

To fully play the role of an open platform, Zhejiang Lab will release a series of open program topics each quarter. The 2019 Q3 open program guidance is now available as follows:

I. Funded Open Program Topics

Evolving around the four major research areas, there are nine program topics, and the funds will be available to up to three programs for each topic.

A) Intelligent Computing

   1) New Machine Learning Technologies

   2) Cross-Camera Target Recognition in an Open Environment

   3) Big Data Analysis and Forecasting for Complex Events

B) Intelligent Network

   1) Intelligent 5G Network Slicing Management

   2) Intelligent Programmable Wireless Environment

C) Intelligent Perception

   1) High-Resolution Photoacoustic Tomography

   2) Multiscale and Multimodal Haptic Perception

D) Intelligent Systems

   1) Vision-Based Object Recognition and Scene Understanding

   2) Intelligent UAV Path Planning with Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance 

Each program should fall into the category of one of these nine topics and should be finished within a year or two with the funding of five hundred thousand to one million yuan.  

II. Requirements for Applicants

Applicants must hold a doctoral degree or a senior title. Applicants cannot serve as supervisor for more than one research program at the Lab. Applicants are encouraged to team up with relevant researchers from Zhejiang Lab to apply for a program. Zhejiang Lab researchers cannot, however, serve as supervisors in program applications.

III. Dates and Requirements of Application

1. Deadline for applications is August 30th, 2019.

2. Applicants should send the download link for their completed application form (in PDF format) and a program PPT video report (WMV/AVI/MP4) to the contact email listed below. The video report should not exceed 10 minutes.

IV. Application Review Process

1. Form examination: After the form examination, experts from the same field will review the application.

2. Industry Expert Review: Zhejiang Lab will organize and hold program review meetings where a group of experts will review the research and budget plan of the application by watching the submitted reporting video, reading the application form, or making necessary phone inquiries.

3. Open program applications will be reviewed in the first half of December 2019, and the list of funded programs will be released in the second half of December. After receiving the funds, project supervisors will sign a paper program statement with Zhejiang Lab.

V. Contact

E-mail: public@zhejianglab.com

Phone: 0571-56390567

Address: Room 503, Building 10, AI Town, 1818 Wenyixi Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Please click on the link to download the application form: http://en.zhejianglab.com/uploadfile/2019/0829/20190829092024467.doc