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Upcoming Conference: 2019 Zhejiang Lab International Youth Talents Forum

In August, 2019 Zhejiang Lab International Youth Talents Forum will be held in Hangzhou. The forum will create boundless opportunities for the young talents from different countries to promote their joint exploration of the frontiers of science and their progress toward greater academic achievements.

The Zhejiang Lab International Talent Fund has been set up to encourage young professionals engaging in research and development on intelligent perception, intelligent network, and intelligent computing. The Fund will provide a grant of 30,000 CNY for each recipient, within a funding term stipulated as one year. For application and more information, please click on: http://www.zhejianglab.com/zjyfen.html

Forum Theme

The conference wants to express the wish for boundless science, innovation, talents and cooperation, and to accumulate innovation momentum and achieve multilateral cooperation, hence the theme of "boundless knowledge sharing".

The main topic for this conference is "next generation artificial intelligence", with three major directions, including intelligent perception, intelligent network,  and intelligent computing.

Forum Dates

From August 15 to August 17, 2019

Forum Location

Future Sci-Tech City, Hangzhou

Forum Attendees

Members of the Zhejiang Lab Young Scholar Academic Committee;

Young experts from QS top 50 universities;

Outstanding masters and doctors from domestic and international universities and employment instructors;

Guests from the partners of the lab;

Domestic and international mainstream media.

Forum Agenda




August 15

All Day


August 16


“New Generation Artificial Intelligence” Main Forum


“New Generation Artificial Intelligence” Sub Forum

August 17



Youth Academic Achievement Fair

Assessment for The Zhejiang Lab’s International Talent Fund

Job fair for Young Talents