Zhejiang Lab

Pan Yunhe and Wu Jiangxing Joined Zhejiang Lab as Chief Scientists

On 12 July, Zhejiang Lab held an inauguration ceremony for their new chief scientists. Pan Yunhe, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and International Eurasian Academy of Science, joined Zhejiang Lab as chief artificial intelligence scientist and Wu Jiangxing, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, joined Zhejiang Lab as chief cyber security scientist. Zhu Shiqiang, director of Zhejiang Lab, presented them letters of appointment. Chief scientists are the core of a lab research system and play a key role in the selection of research directions, the recruitment of talent, the organization of research programs and the allocation of resources and the addition of two chief scientists to the lab will be a milestone in the construction of the lab’s research operation system.

Academician Wu said that joining Zhejiang Lab as chief cyber security scientist made him feel both honored and feel that he had a large amount of responsibility. Cyberspace security has been a major challenge facing the social and economic development of our country. Currently, different sectors of the internet industry in our country have been built upon a western-dominant internet infrastructure and therefore it’s been of great importance to make progress in our 

cyber security research. He wished that researchers in the lab could overcome challenges and bring Chinese cyber security research to the next level regardless of the hardship.

Pan said in his speech that he would fulfill his responsibilities as chief scientist of artificial intelligence and would join hands with fellow researchers to build a world leading artificial intelligence. Pan said, existing research on artificial intelligence has come to a significant stage where new technologies have facilitated further development of theories, which require us to never stop learning and doing research; in the meanwhile, the artificial intelligence technology has become more extensible and can be used in many aspects of society, which requires us to push this technology to new frontiers. The development of artificial intelligence will no doubt provide tremendous momentum for research ability development, talents nurturing and industry development.

Zhou Guohui, deputy president of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference of Zhejiang, on behalf of Yuan Jiajun, governor of Zhejiang Province, warmly welcomed and expressed congratulation for their readily joining the lab. Zhou respected and thanked their sincere efforts and attention to the development of the lab and the technology industry in Zhejiang. He pointed out that it would be of essential importance for the lab to find a better, faster way to attract and recruit high-level scientists, especially promising young scientists, and swiftly organize them to work on major research programs and projects. He sincerely hoped that two chief scientists could fulfill their potential here and make outstanding contributions to the development and strategy of the lab.