Please refer to the following sections for details.

Research Fields

  • Intelligent sensing: sensor design and manufacturing, flexible electronics, optical engineering, optoelectronic technology, fiber optic sensing, computational sensing, micro processing, nano processing, etc.

  • Intelligent networks: optical communication, optical switching and optical interconnection, wireless and mobile networks, Internet of Things, B5G/6G, industrial Internet, cybersecurity, microelectronics and semiconductors, integrated circuit design, etc.

  • Intelligent computing: brain-like computing, high-performance computing, cloud computing, edge computing, computer architecture, operating systems, distributed systems, etc.

  • Intelligent systems: intelligent robots, control systems, embedded systems, digital twinning, visual computing, big data, machine learning, blockchain, human-computer interaction, etc.


  1. Each postdoctoral researcher supported by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (CPSF) will receive a matching research grant provided by our Lab.

  2. Our Lab offers each postdoctoral researcher an annual pretax salary of CNY 400,000 (including talent subsidies provided by provincial, municipal, and district programs).

  3. Our Lab offers standard insurance packages for postdoctoral researchers according to relevant regulations in China. .

  4. Each postdoctoral researcher will receive a one-time research subsidy of CNY 100,000.

  5. Our Lab also offers rent-free, furnished apartments for postdoctoral researchers.

  6. Postdoctoral researchers will enjoy employment preference at our Lab when they complete their postdoctoral research.

  7. Qualified postdoctoral researchers can apply and compete for grants funded by the Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Program (with a total amount of CNY 630,000 over two years) and the International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program/Talent-Introduction Program (with a total amount of CNY 400,000 over two years). These additional grants will not be calculated into annual salaries.

Application Process

  1. Applicants should send their application materials including resumes and major academic works to the designated email address, stating when they expect to start their research at our Lab. The subject of the email should be "Name + Postdoctoral + Research Interests". Alternatively, applicants can complete and submit the application on the website of our postdoctoral center.

  2. Interviews will be arranged for applicants who have passed the preliminary evaluation.

  3. Selected applicants will sign recruitment agreements with our Lab.

  4. Selected applicants complete the employment procedure at our Lab.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms. Xu

Tel: 0086-571-56393361

Fax: 0086-571-56390666

Address: Room 812, Floor 8, Zhejiang Lab, Building 10, China Artificial Intelligence Town, 1818 Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Zip Code: 311121

Email: postdoctor@zhejianglab.com

Website: http://postdoctor.zhejianglab.com